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REGGIE Award Categories

Please note that many campaigns fit into multiple categories. When preparing entries, please review all the categories to find the ones that best apply to your campaign.

Age-Targeted Marketing 

Programs/campaigns which target a specific age range such as kids, Gen Z, Millennials, seniors or other specific age groupings. Judges will be looking for how you tailored your messaging and brand experience to reach your specific demographic. Include demographic description, insights regarding the target, and campaign results.

AI – Creative Use of Artificial Intelligence NEW

It’s been less than a year since the introduction of ChatGPT, and already the marketing industry has exploded with the launch of AI-based campaigns – from chatbots to generative AI search engines to an extraordinary range of creative content -- which this new category has been created to honor. This category is for campaigns that creatively utilized AI in its planning, strategy development, media choices, creative development or other executional elements.  

Business-to-Business Marketing

Programs/campaigns which target business partners, including trade programs, instead of consumers. Entries in this category should be innovative campaigns that were created to communicate, collaborate with or motivate another business.

Challenger Brand Marketing

This category recognizes those programs/campaigns that utilized innovative brand activation strategies to support an emerging, disruptor or challenger brand competing against much larger, better funded or more established brands.

Content Marketing

Winners of this category have developed or integrated content that engaged, interacted with, entertained, informed, or told a story to a target audience. Entries will demonstrate how they changed, enhanced, or connected with constituents to create a desired behavior. This can include user-generated content, augmented reality, online and offline media, branded entertainment, gaming, narrative, social content, or other types of content, in any form.

Creativity and Innovation

Programs/campaigns that took the marketplace by storm and challenged the status quo with a Big Idea based on out-of-the-box thinking. The innovation could be in the activation idea itself or relating to the way it was communicated, the technology used, or media selection. Include the risks you took in your entry, what barriers you overcame, and how you executed your original idea.

Customer Engagement Marketing (CRM, Loyalty, Retention) 

This category will spotlight the brands that are investing in a long-term marketing strategy focused on the customer relationship and not on a single transaction. They have a strategy to reduce churn that focuses on client relationships, customer loyalty, and brand value that drive retention and are built through various marketing strategies and activities. 

Entries in this category should be focused on customer retention efforts and may include loyalty programs, rewards points programs, membership programs, clubs, revised communications channels, enhanced email marketing efforts, CRM systems, and prioritized customer service. 

Digital, Social or Mobile Marketing

This category includes programs/campaigns involving mobile sites, apps, geo-location strategies, email campaigns, and web-based campaigns. Programs/campaigns can be specifically designed to provide a unique online experience or a straightforward path to purchase on a mobile device or can reward the best use of Social Media tools (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, etc.) targeted to consumers as the primary communication tactic/strategy to reach your objectives.

Entertainment Marketing 

This category awards exceptional accomplishments within the realm of entertainment marketing that have significantly contributed to the promotion, resonance, and success of entertainment content, brands, and experiences. This category applauds imaginative strategies, impactful campaigns, and groundbreaking initiatives that adeptly connect with audiences, generate buzz, and elevate the profile of entertainment properties. Entries may involve any type of entertainment type or property – movies, TV,  music, on-line, live theater, or any other form of entertainment. 

Experiential Marketing (Live or Virtual Events, or Installations) 

This category highlights programs/campaigns that touched consumers by allowing them to become active participants through sampling, hands-on product demos, immersive events, tours, live events, special installations, or virtual experiences. Campaigns can be in support of a single or multiple locations. Winning campaigns will prove how your customers interacted with your product or service via a sensory experience that made a lasting impression. 

Gaming or eSports Marketing 

Programs/campaigns that involved a specific video game, Esports, related competition and/or gaming element to differentiate a brand and bring the brand’s positioning to life. The entry can be for how a brand activated with a specific game, league, team or personality, or brand activations for the game, competition, league, team, and/ or athlete themselves.

Holiday or Seasonal Marketing

This category will recognize those programs/campaigns that utilized innovative brand activation strategies to support a brand that competed in and leveraged the unique aspects of a specific holiday (Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Halloween), special day (National Donut Day, for example), or themed selling season (Spring Cleaning, Back to School).  Submissions in this category may include results/impact achieved in January 2024 for efforts that launched in late 2023.

Influencer Marketing

This category rewards the best use of Influencer Marketing - marketing that utilized individuals, groups of individuals, groups, or associations to help advocate for the brand or product to gain credibility with target consumers as the primary communication tactic/strategy to reach your objectives. Programs/campaigns can include any type of influencers, from mini to TikTok stars to national celebrities, and anything in between.

Local, Regional or Market Specific Marketing

Programs/campaigns directed toward consumers on a local or regional level or targeted to specific geographic markets of any size. Entries in this category will provide information on how the specific area was selected and explain the process of designing the campaign.

Multicultural or Lifestyle Segment Marketing

Programs/campaigns targeted to specific demographic or lifestyle consumer groups to promote inclusion for diverse communities such as African American, American Indian or Indigenous, Asian, Hispanic, LGBTQ+, People with Disabilities, specific religion, specific gender, etc. Judges will be looking for how you tailored your messaging and brand experience to reach your specific segment. Include segment description, insights regarding the segment, and campaign results.

National Consumer Brand Activation Marketing

Campaigns targeted toward consumers on a national level (within a single country) utilizing a cross-discipline brand activation plan. Entries must prove how the team strategized and executed the campaign to reach the masses and demonstrate integrated Brand Activation elements across various touch points.

New Product or Service Launch

Programs/campaigns designed to introduce new products or services into the marketplace. Entries in this category should describe how you identified the opportunity and created your launch plan.

Partnership Marketing

Submissions in this category must be programs/campaigns that involved two or more partners. Entries can be of various types of partnerships — ones involving two or more brands/marketers, or a brand partnering with a cause, film/entertainment property, music property, or sports league/team/governing body. Successful submissions will explain the opportunity between partners and how the collaboration affected results for all partners.

Promotion Marketing

Programs/campaigns that included marketing tactics that directly encouraged purchase; influenced trial, repeat, or quantity of purchase; and were very measurable in volume, share, and profit. Tactics can include couponing, sweepstakes, sampling, special packaging, premiums, licensed properties, refunds, and rebate-related programs.

Purpose, Cause, or Charity Marketing

This award, supported by the ANA Center for Brand Purpose, is for the program/ campaign that makes a positive impact on society via a social cause, an environmental/sustainability effort, or support of a charity/cause. This can include pro bono campaigns, those involving donations, marketing campaigns developed for the good of a cause, corporate responsibility programs, partnerships, etc. We want to see the passion behind your campaign and how you effectively made a difference in bringing your brand purpose to life.

Rebranding, Repositioning or Reintroducing Brand Marketing

Strong brands have solid positioning, sharp strategies, and well-targeted executions. But nothing lasts forever and often brands are in need of a refresh to regain previous successes. This category includes programs/campaigns that support a company or brand that is changing, updating, or refreshing its positioning, going through an overall rebranding, or introducing to consumers after a hiatus.

RMNS – Retail Media Networks NEW

Retail Media Networks have experienced phenomenal growth over the past few years and are expected to exceed $52B in 2023. With nearly 3 out of 4 brands having dedicated RMN budgets, this new category honors campaigns created to distinctly leverage retailer ad platforms and will be judged based on their ability to effectively harness the full range of elements available to create an effective, holistic campaign including promotion, merchandizing and in-store as well as other tools.  

Shopper, Commerce, Retailer Specific or Omnichannel Marketing

Entries in this category are either shopper marketing or omnichannel programs/campaigns developed by the brand (or jointly with brand/retailer) to reach shoppers through retail partners. Retailers are eligible to enter this category directly if the campaign was based on shopper or retail-led insights. If retail-specific, include marketing solutions developed or customized for or by a specific retailer to drive sales. These may be programs that use promotion, merchandising, Retail Media, and other tools, and may be designed around an occasion, holiday, season, category, or store-wide program, either initiated by a retailer or brand. Winning submissions will present the insight(s) and how you drove results for both the retailer and the brand.

Small Budget Brand Activation Marketing (Overall Budget Less than $500,000)

This category is for Brand Activation programs/campaigns that achieved magic and effectiveness on a tight budget. And, yes, that’s an all-in number, including media.

Sports Marketing NEW

This award recognizes outstanding achievements in leveraging sports as a platform for innovative and impactful brand activation strategies. This category celebrates the intersection of sports and marketing, where creative campaigns, activations, and partnerships come together to enhance brand visibility, engagement, and resonance among target audiences. Whether through sponsorships, fan experiences, social media engagement, or other pioneering methods, this award highlights the efforts that have elevated brands through the dynamic world of sports. Entries are accepted from brands that leverage a sport, league, team or player, or directly from a sport, league, team or athlete themselves.

XR – Extended Reality and Beyond NEW

Leveraging the latest in computer advancements, the marketing world continues to find new ways to engage consumers in a range of real-and-virtual combined environments and interactions. This category honors brand-building programs/campaigns that engaged consumers using any of the Extended Reality (XR) technologies, including Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), Virtual Reality (VR) as well as the Metaverse and NFTs.  

2024 REGGIE Spotlight Category: Health, Fitness and Wellness NEW 

The REGGIE Spotlight category highlights a discipline, segment or industry within marketing that is trending and is of great interest to marketers because of the challenges they faced. 

In a time where being stronger, faster, and fitter has become a part of the daily cultural landscape, this category highlights programs/campaigns that drove consumers to focus on their health and lifestyle choices. Winners of the 2024 spotlight category will have effectively promoted products and/or experiences that led consumers to effect change in their lives related to health and wellness.   

This category includes but is not limited to digital health/fitness products, exercise programs and equipment, OTC/RX medications, dietary supplements, fitness gyms/studios, weight loss and fitness programs and any use of health-related or wellness campaign for your brand. 

Specialty Award



Spotlighting the industry's change makers and influencers committed to the authentic, accurate portrayals of women and girls in their marketing efforts.

Gender inequality is the one inequality that is truly global in scope. Yet, we know that marketing and media can create impactful change by addressing how women and girls are portrayed in advertising and marketing content. Given this, the ANA’s SeeHer initiative, whose mission is to drive the accurate portrayal of women and girls in media, advertising, marketing and entertainment, has created a unique opportunity for all REGGIE Award applicants – The ANA REGGIE GEM® Award.

The ANA REGGIE GEM Award will honor the top creative and impactful work that exemplifies the best in class accurate and authentic portrayal of women and/or girls in Brand Activation campaigns.